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Version .270 is now Live! (Edited)

Updated: Jun 23, 2018

So it's been a little while since I posted on the status of the game, but I've been working on it night and day to have it ready for the open test.

So far, so good, I haven't encountered any bugs, and I've fixed all the problems with the previous versions. I also added a few things so take a look below!


- Many bug fixes and tweaks.

- Removed the dynamic sound bug. Dynamic sound is sadly no longer present, there was a conflict involving the code. Since I was using a pre-made plugin, the terms of the plugin disallowed me to change existing code, so I might create my own in the near future.


- Added some more ambient sound to some maps.


- Added some NPC's to some areas.

- Added a new Hidden Quest for Donica. Look for it at the Kisada Academy Training Center at the beginning of the game. This quest is a tutorial for combat, if you manage to complete all three trials, you'll be rewarded with an item and a level for Donica.


- Retooled some of the combat formulas including armor, magic armor, magic/physical penetration and overall damage. I didn't change much from Version .243, but tried to get it closer to perfection.


- Made the drop rate of Rattler Skins during the Snakes On A Plain quest drop at a rate of 50% per mob. A change from 33% from .243 and 15% from .22

Quality of Life Changes:

- Sped up/integrated some conversations (to make it flow better and reduce time.)

Interesting Changes:

- Added more easter eggs.

As a note: If you're downloading a newer version of the game, and want to keep your saves, go to your old game folder (the one called Run The Last True Symphony) and open the www folder. Once in, copy the save folder and paste it into your newer version www folder.

This version will (hopefully, unless there's a glaring bug) be the final release until I get to continuing the story, to which I am not certain when a new release will come. The game itself right now is sitting at around 8-12 hours of play, and is the first half of the first act (out of three.)

This is the version I will post on the rpg maker forum for my game's post (which I will make this weekend.)

Thank you all for your support and testing! I couldn't have done it without ya! Have a great night/day/morning/afternoon, and I'll be seein' ya.

- Sam

Edit 9:30 PM: A special thank you to my bro, Mario, for letting me know that there was a problem with the release. It's all fixed and ready again.


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