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Version .270 Definitive Incoming

Updated: May 11, 2019

So, after a few testings, everything with .270 has gone well... but I did manage to find a few glitches... not sure how they managed to manifest, but I've taken care of them.

Also, I would like to announce that I am now actively creating music for the game! I'm really moving forward with the sound I feel the game deserves, and I figured I have musical knowledge, and I play a variety of instruments... so why not give it a try. I'm very pleased with how the theme came out.

Now... anyone that knows me will tell you that I love me some lore. So lemme just scratch the surface here, hopefully get you invested.

The theme is called Walk With Angels. In the game world, "Walk With Angels" is the motto of the Sovereign Empire of Arcemaecia and it's said all over the country, and for various reasons. From a mother kissing her children goodbye for their day at school... to a wife crying in her husband's arms when he's going off to war. Instead of a simple goodbye, to tell someone to Walk With Angels is to tell them that no matter what, you are protected.

The saying comes from an old lullaby by the same name. The lullaby has existed for centuries, and no one is certain who wrote it, or where it came from... but it is Arcemaecian through and through.

The game's theme is the musical version of the lullaby, and I also have lyrics crafted for it... now I just need to make the musical version (eventually) and find me a singer... though, I have a few on my radar, and I know one of them would jump at the chance.

I've heard from a few people that they find it very catchy... so beware of ear worms. You can check out the theme on the Media Page.

Now let's talk about changes. With this version, it will be the one I introduce to my potential audience, the one I use to showcase RTLTS. I haven't added or removed much; just patched a few things. All that's left before I make my post on the RPG Maker Forum is one look that everything is in order. I'll be sure to let you know when the post is live. Everything has to be perfect for the release. Here's a list of things I've changed for V.270 D Bugs: - Found a random door entity in the middle of the Vathe Residential District that went nowhere... I have no idea how it was spawned there, but it's gone now. In fact, it was totally hidden, but I somehow managed to walk into it.


- I found a part on the map (Succien; the continent directly West of Vathe City) that was incomplete. I added map parts to finish it off.

Battle: - Fixed Rufigar's skills a little. The code wasn't working properly, and enemies were not flinching when attacked by his skills. It works now. Quality of Life Changes: - Changed a few dialogue boxes, and sped up a few more instances of slow text. - Found a few text errors like repeated words, missing words, and one instance of a sentence that made no sense.

- Added Walk With Angels (Dreamy Mix Final) to the game. It plays during the main menu screen.

Interesting Changes: - Added more easter eggs.

What Will Be Added:


- I want to create one more version of the theme. A calmer, and more hopeful sounding version for use in a specific scene.


- I want to add a few more sound effects to conversations where necessary.

Bug Testing/Quality of Life:

- Potential bugs squished and be absolutely happy with the text speed. As always, grab the most recent version at I will make another post when .270 D is available.

As a note: If you're downloading a newer version of the game, and want to keep your saves, go to your old game folder (the one called Run The Last True Symphony) and open the www folder. Once in, copy the save folder and paste it into your newer version www folder. - Sam


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