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v.243 Demo Version Outgoing (Edited)

Updated: May 11, 2019

Have the updated demo going online in a few. Changed quite a bit of stuff, so take a look at the patch notes to see what changed!


- Many bug fixes and tweaks.

- Removed conflicting sound from the Scrub Cavern (the constant ghost voices in Level 4) due to it tending to crash the audio; will replace as soon as I can.

- Removed conflicting sound from Vathe Residential District (crying little girl) due to it tending to crash the audio; will replace as soon as I can; however, the crying is in place still using an alternative method, but it will not be dynamic 3d sound for the moment.


- Tweaked some maps and added a few more pieces for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

- Replaced a few sound effects, and added new ones.

- Changed a few names of some establishments.

- Looped a few songs better.


- Changed Sibelis' surname. Her surname is now Brassard. Look it up, and tell me it's not a great last name for her.

- Added more portraits for all main cast.

- Gave Mao a bit more dialogue, he needs more screen time.

- Changed a few of Donica's conversations, to keep her in the style of Shakespearean High-English.

- Added more slang for Longinus and Rufigar.


- Retooled some of the combat formulas including armor, magic armor, magic/physical penetration and overall damage. In other words, your attacks will be less overpowered to reach a balance.

- Changed formulas on some accessory items, they will now grant X% of the stat, rather than a flat rate, that way if you like said item, you can continue to use it up to Level 99.

- Changed some of the enemy formulas and triggers, so they are more dynamic.

- Changed the battles during the VS Day event to make them a bit more dynamic. They're still easy, but not as easy. Still working on those, and they'll be changed eventually to a more direct walk-though style scene to get players used to the combat.

- Beefed up enemies in the Scrub Cavern moderately.

- Decreased the encounter rate slightly.

- Changed the names of some enemies.


- Made the drop rate of Rattler Skins during the Snakes On A Plain quest slightly higher.

- Gave Lesser Ningens the chance to drop Sapphire and Opal for use in the What's Mine Is Yours Quest, in case you sell all of the ones you can collect from the Scrub Cavern. The drop rates for both, however, are low.

Quality of Life Changes:

- Sped up/integrated some conversations (to make it flow better and reduce time.)

- Added a sparkly animation to hover over quest items and some loot (for easier identification.)

- Changed order on some plugins for maximum compatibility.

Interesting Changes:

- Added more easter eggs.

Work never stops, but hey, that's the nature of the beast, and the beast will not beat me.

- Sam

Edited 5/28 7:51pm

- Changed the version from .223 to .243.

- Added comprehensive notes on changes.


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