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Site Update!

It has indeed been a while since I updated the site--but I've continued to work on RTLTS, that part has not changed, oh no--not by a long shot.

I've added and removed many things from the site--to both streamline and showcase many of the new images/videos. There's still quite a bit I haven't added, but I will be doing that in the coming days. Things like character art, wallpapers, and even fan art! (Yes--people have created fan art of RTLTS and I can't wait to show you!)

With the release of V.270, I received a lot of praise and criticism. Since my last post; I've been working to deliver V.280, a more definitive version of RTLTS, complete with music composed by me, Art by my wonderful artist and friend, Vanessa, new sprite designs, hand crafted maps, and so much more. In the next few days, I'll deliver a new post with changes and additions. Check out some of Vanessa's art in the Artwork/Downloads section, and--while you're looking around--check out the Run The Last True Symphony Story Teaser and leave a like if you're feeling up for it.

If you haven't already--check out my game thread on RMW, and go give it a like! Not only does it help fuel my journey, but it's a great way to show me you care.

This is a rather short update--but just to let you all know I am indeed, still here. Love ya, 'til tomorrow.



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