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Demo v.22 Fixes

I've been getting a lot of feedback from the initial release, lots of good stuff, but some bugs have indeed surfaced. One player in particular has been playing the demo non-stop, and has found quite a few bugs. I've been spending some time fixing them, and getting things ready for a new version, so I'll let you know when they've all been patched and when a new upload is available.

This is the best part about play testing, as I tend to miss a lot of stuff when I'm trying to get mechanics to work. This is really what it's all about, and I thank those who have been going out of their way to report bugs to me. The demo as of now is playable, but here's a list of bugs that I'm patching:

- Sound leak in the Scrub Cavern (fixed; at least no repeat as of now) - Ghosts not disappearing (fixed!) - Invisible walls not differentiating player movement vs npc movement (fixed!)

- Sound leak in Vathe City (fixed!) - Random triggers not activating (fixed; at least no repeat as of now) - Possible cloud glitch (False glitch, no fix needed) - Characters not moving in place (fixed; at least no repeat as of now)

I will be updating this post when all the bugs are tested and fixed.

In addition to bug fixes, a few suggestions have made their way to me also. So, here is a list of things that will be added for the next release.


- Sparkly waypoint over Quest items and loot, so not to be missed: This goes for any loot or quest items that are not obvious, or may be confused for scenery.

- Increased difficulty and mechanics for the three VS-Day preliminary battles: I'll be tweaking them to make them more dynamic, I had not done this at the time of the original release due to me wanting to release the demo, as the VS-Day battles were only a small portion of the opening act.

- Minor changes to some dialogue: Speeding up, combining and shortening some dialogue moments due to reducing padding and keeping consistency. Plus, I feel some dialogue is a little... silly, and can be substituted for better interactions.

- Reducing sound/music cues to slightly lower volume levels: I think this is one reason why the memory leak was occurring. I did some simple changes to some of the code I was using, but will be fortifying it with minimal volume reductions across the board to hopefully fix any sound issues that could arise.

Keep an eye open for any bugs I may have missed. I personally want to thank Vianne for helping with the play testing, and hunting those elusive bugs. I could not have done it without your help. Thanks.


Edit 5/20 4:16pm: Fixed all the bugs! New updated files being uploaded.


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