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Demo is Live!

The game demo is live!

It's taken a while to get to this point, and you know the bad part... it's still got work, but I wanted you to take a look at it, and see what you thought.

Every little bit of feedback helps, so let me know what you think needs work, or what doesn't, or anything really.

Jenny said she'll make a special spot on the site where you can post things like bug reports, feedback, etc. I don't know if she went and did that yet... I could ask her as her desk is right behind me, but I kinda like listening to the sound of me typing.

--but in the meantime, you can get back to me on Facebook, email, discord or through other means.

Now about the demo--

I tried my best to time it... and on average, the demo is between 8-10 hours in length, but I could be an hour or so off.

This is a story-demo, meaning this is the beginning of the main story; but, yes there is combat to be had, but the main focus is the story, the introduction to the cast, introductions to quests and the world building. Also, this demo is going to be worked on a little bit more for a re-release in the near future, specifically for the RPG Maker Forum and I'll be sure to let you know when that version is ready. It will be the premier version I'll use for Patreon and Public launch.

Also, I did have one bug, but its been squashed... but in the event it does manage to appear, please let me know. There's also a tendency to have strange sound problems at some parts, but I hope I managed to fix that too.

A few protips:

1. Check vending machines, tvs and bookcases.

2. You can save anywhere at anytime, but in future updates you'll only be able to save by speaking with the Crystal.

3. Check the options menu for accessibility, and the Quest Log if you're stuck.

4. Take a look at the readme for additional info like hotkeys.

5. Stay on roads if you don't want random battles.

Good luck, have fun--and I'm already working on continuing the next part.



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