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  • Run The Last True Symphony is an old-school styled turn-based RPG; akin to the past generation JRPGs of the 90’s. An adventure carefully crafted by Bug Powder Assembly.


  • Expect a heavy story driven experience with a rich and thoughtful narrative; an epic tale told through the characters, their actions, their experiences and follow the stories they were born to live. Meet the twelve party members of various different backgrounds, mannerisms, wants, hates, loves, disciplines, abilities and personalities. Witness a tale of camaraderie through hardship, a journey fought with magic and bullets and how loyalty can blossom to love with a simple act of innocence.


  • Anticipate a traditional styled battle system. Minimalistic and straight-forward, but energetic and familiar to the games we grew up with. Combat a variety of creatures that populate the world through random and static encounters, and battle challenging and dynamic bosses that will prey on your weaknesses. Learn various skills and abilities each unique to the characters. What a character may lack in one aspect, they will excel in another.


  • Locate various allies of different backgrounds throughout the world to recruit for your growing trainband, from healers to weapon smiths; build a loyal crew of misfits and top guns. Accept numerous quests that range from kill to exploration, rescue and investigation. Learn forbidden magic, equip exotic weaponry and find lost treasure.


  • Explore the world of Tellus; a magical, fantastic place of old world blues and modernized infrastructure. Visit lands of varying degrees, from the tiny resort island of Kisada, to the vast wildlands of Galvia, and from the rolling plains of Succien, to the icy mountains of Atrium. Learn the history of this world through optional in-game reading material, places of interest that seethe lore with relics of a bygone time and the people that could recite legends like they happened yesterday.


  • See hand crafted maps modified using RM Community assets and many a few hand creations; and accentuated using programs such as Gimp, Photoshop, and Comipo! Manga Maker. The world is brimming with posters, billboards, advertisements... each telling a unique story of their own.


  • Participate in the fight to reclaim Arcemaecia, discover some of Tellus’ most dangerous hidden locations and take on some of most surreal and vicious battles the game will offer. Unravel the mysteries of the world, and maybe finally put to rest the reports of strange craft that haunt the skies.


  • You will laugh with your entire soul, smile from the bottom of your heart, and revel in the victories you will witness… but prepare for tears to fall and your heart to break.

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